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The Culbertson Organization, LLC,  established in 2007, by it's founders Jason & Susanna Culbertson, is the parent company of many companies that have been founded throughout the past 9 years as of 2008. We now refer to these other companies as divisions even though still today they each have their own identity and their own customer base. We recognize each division of The Culbertson Organization has it's own strengths and weaknesses that we are constantly growing upon and learning from.


 It all started with a small company called JC's Extreme Enchilada and a dream. Below is a short story on how The Culbertson Organization, LLC grew one business at a time. Jason & Susanna Culbertson began the first business with a dream to be able to provide for their children and to be able to help others from the comfort of their home. They began with a dream to grow their business and help stay at home mothers and fathers become work at home mothers and fathers. The Culbertson Organization does source work out from time to time as contract labor to these types of people so that we can give them the same thing Jason & Susanna Culbertson have, which is the ability to work from home and watch their children grow.


JC's Extreme Enchiladas Coming Soon!

"Extremely Good, but not Extremely Spicy"

Established in 1999 with the purpose of feeding hungry people and becoming entrepreneurs. Jason and Susanna Culbertson took the love they had for cooking and helping other people and turned it into a thriving business. The Culbertson's started by having 4 varieties of home made enchiladas and quickly expanded to 10 varieties, along with sides, desserts and special orders. Sharing their idea with a teacher at a local community college, she gave them the idea on how to market within the college to other staff, teachers and students. In the first week they received orders in excess of 50 dozen. By the end of the first month, word had spread quickly and they were receiving orders for a couple hundred dozen enchiladas. People would order the enchiladas for parties, lunches or just quick dinner after a long day at work. The enchiladas were packaged by the dozen and sold frozen in air tight bags. Six months after JC's Extreme Enchilada's began, it grew to be such a success that JC's Extreme Enchiladas were soon featured as a special on the menu at a local Kansas City Authentic Mexican Restaurant. After awhile the restaurant bought the recipes and added them to their menu. A few years later the restaurant was bought out and the recipes were returned to their rightful owners.


Interested in trying these wonderful enchiladas, drop us a line. We are in the planning phase of bringing these back to the public and opening up a restaurant in Spring Hill, Kansas in early 2009. We are in the test phase now and have gotten great response from all of our volunteers. JC's Extreme Enchilada's may be coming back to the mainstream before you know it. Look for the website coming soon as well.

The Culbertson Team Real Estate Solutions

"Your One Stop Real Estate Resource!"

The Culbertson Team Real Estate Solutions was established in 2000 with the intentions of helping the people of Kansas and Missouri purchase a piece of the American Dream. Land is one of the most valuable assets in the world and everyone should own their piece. Whether you want to own a piece of land for business, personal home, rental property, or possibly agriculture. Land is a valuable commodity and will be one of the largest investments you will ever make. Each property purchased, leased, or rented should go through a Realtor, which is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors, for you own piece of mind. Don't be fooled, not every real estate agent is a Realtor.

The Culbertson Team was established to bring you honest, ethical practices when it comes to purchasing real estate property whether it is commercial or residential, leasing a commercial space or  property management of you rental property. We can do it all for you in the states of Kansas & Missouri. We are "Your One Stop Real Estate Resource."

A few years after The Culbertson Team was established Jason Culbertson who is the licensed Realtor in Kansas & Missouri added to the services that The Culbertson Team has to offer it's elite clientele. He also became a licensed Mortgage Loan officer in Kansas & Missouri. Jason can now also bring you the ease of going to one person for both the cumbersome real estate transaction and the mortgage transaction, simplifying both processes. Jason is proud to be one of the few agents in the Kansas City real estate market who is ethical and fair when it comes to assisting you on both sides of the transactions. Make your next move, whether for business or personal, a Simply Smooth Transition!

The reason Jason decided to become a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer is because he saw his industry going down hill. Realtors in Kansas City and around the world were being compared to used car salespeople. All the public thought that all the Realtor was after was the money. A good Realtor works very hard for their paycheck, they are almost always available for their client, a good Realtor believes in exceptional customer service. Once you sign with The Culbertson Team, we represent you. We represent your best interest, your piece of mind, your family and their values in the best way possible. We are your consultant and friend not just your real estate agent. So choose wisely when it comes to a Realtor, Choose some who will be there for you for life!

Through His Eyez Photography

"Photographing the Beauty of Creation Through His Eyez!"

Although Jason began to struggle in real estate he never gave up. Knowing that he had a family to feed and support Jason began a new venture which turned into another successful business. He began to take pictures for other Realtors of their properties shortly after they came onto the market. As the Realtors got to know him and like his work they began asking him to do more than just property photography and it evolved into people and pets.

Established in 2001 while struggling in real estate Jason Culbertson began Through His Eyez Photography. Today he still takes pictures of properties, commercial buildings, landscapes, and scenery. Jason also specializes in pet, child and stock photography. Although he has never made a break into the wedding market or the party market, Jason strives to find all his clients the best in the business.

Through His Eyez Photography brings out the beauty in everything that goes onto film or into digital storage. Through His Eyez Photography believes in the philosophy that everything and everyone has it's own beauty, Sometimes you just have to find the right photographer. Through His Eyez Photography is an on site photographer, which means lower cost to you the consumer because we have a lower overhead and no rent to pay. Let us show you the beauty of the world around you when we photograph you, your family, a special place, or maybe just a building.

CEO's Real Estate Virtual Assistant

"Real Assistance with Your Real Estate Business Needs!"

In 2002 Jason's real estate career began to grow once again and Susanna not having her license began to help with the administrative tasks of the business. Thus, CEO's Real Estate Virtual Assistant was conceived. Although a real estate assistant was not a new title, Susanna saw a need for the ability that several real estate agents needed a personal assistant but could not hire one full time or sometimes even part time. Susanna began this as her full time career and her new venture. Assisting other real estate agents that needed paperwork completed, constant contact with their clients, feedback requests from other agents and so much more..


The CEO's Real Estate Virtual Assistant as a business or division, take pride in serving each of it's agents with the care they deserve and need. Not one single agents way of doing business is shared with another agent. Susanna is very careful when handling clients personal information which is so important in this day and age with the possibility of identity theft. The CEO's Real Estate Virtual Assistant is someone the real estate agent or Realtor can trust with their business. Every good agent knows that when you are in the business of real estate, no matter which state you are in, customer service, timeliness, and constant contact are the valuable keys to your success. This is what The CEO's Real Estate Virtual Assistant can bring to your negotiating table. We offer you "Real Assistance with Your Real Estate Business Needs."

Just The Way You Want It

"We Design It Just The Way You Want It!"

Established in 2003, Just the Way You Want It is the web and graphic design division of The Culbertson Organization. We will custom design your website and marketing material the way you want it. Today, so many websites look the same. This is because today web designers purchase templates from the web or create their own and add their clients content to those templates and call them custom. Then they will use these same templates for ten other people. The Culbertson Organization will actually start will a blank page and add in your table, images, and content to create the website that you are looking for.  Our belief is your website should be a reflection of you and your company website should be reflective of your companies ethics, morals and standards in doing business. Your website should be designed the way you envision it. Your content should be written the way you want it. Your images should appear the way you want them to appear.

Marketing your business is very important when it comes to the success of your business. Your marketing material should match the design of website and visa versa. This is why The Culbertson Organization believes that your website and your marketing material should all be handled by the same company. The importance of this critical when you are creating a brand for yourself.  Just The Way You Want It describes the way customer service and design should be. In the marketing division of Culbertson Organization, our marketing specialists will create, design and implement a marketing plan that will work for the clients that you are trying to attract. In order for your business to grow, your marketing must grab their attention within the short time it's in their hands. Just remember, "We Design it Just the Way You Want It."

CEO's Virtual Assistant

"You've Got Deadlines, We've Got Your Answers!"

Description is coming soon!

The Dysfunctional Computer  Coming Soon!

"Dysfuntional or not, that is the question that we can solve!"

Description is coming soon!


The Secrets Lie Within Coming Soon!

"Coaching the Law of Attraction in Your World, Not Ours!"

Description is coming soon!

Top Hat Promotional Products Coming Soon!

"No Tricks Out of Our Hat, Just Magnificent Promotional Products!"

Description is coming soon!

Top Hat Printing Services Coming Soon!

"Top Quality Printing With Your Budget in Mind!"

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On Target Office Supply Coming Soon!

"Office Supplies On Target with Your Budget!"

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Power Touches Networking Group Coming Soon!

“Making Powerful Connections building Powerful Relationships!”

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The Culbertson Organization Cares  Coming Soon!

"Caring for the World of Pets That No One Else Can Care For!"


Description is coming soon!


Virtual Professionals Chamber of Commerce  Coming Soon!

"Technology, Education, Business Leads and a Professional Source to Gain Creditability On-line!"


Description is coming soon!

Virtual Professional Publications  Coming Soon!

"The Publications For The Future Of All Virtual Professionals!"

Description is coming soon!

Networking Exchange  Coming Soon!

"Providing You, The Business Owner, With All The Networking Opportunities Available!"

Description is coming soon!


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